Freque stands with artists

We are living In a new world. In response to Adobe’s new terms of use, labor disputes that have upended our ability to make a living and in support of creative artists across the world as we face questions regarding the viability of human creativity, we are launching our new collaboration platform for filmmakers for FREE. Not all the features are polished, and we’re still missing a few things but we must take a stand, fight for our creative freedom and unite together as artists in a moment where companies and products we’ve trusted are turning against us.

We think the status quo is not working. So we say burn it. Blast it to the ground. And in its space, engineer something new. We believe in finding and harnessing flow at its most fertile, functional and profound. And saying fuck you to anything that tries to tear that down.

Anyone who shares these values is welcome to sign up now and use Freque for free. There will always be a free version. We will start asking users to pay a subscription fee in August-September but to illustrate our stance on issues of human creativity, individual’s who sign up before then can pay what they want until the end of 2024. Just know that we are a small company and that subscription fees will help us deliver new features and improve the platform for all of us. We will also be launching a new community soon and invite all artists, misfits, creative renegades and visionaries to join and make their voices heard. Let’s stand together.

Justin, Tobias and the whole Freque team

What we value

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