freque for music supervisors

Music review and approval for picture

Send multiple options, let your team edit and contribute, all comments in one place - freque is the only music-first collaboration platform.

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Nail the direction in one link

in freque, you can send review links with multiple options for music under the same picture. This makes narrowing down the direction fast and efficient.

Playable comments

Fly through revisions by playing back comments from your team. No more copying long or mistyped TC-readouts in endless email chains.

Volume automation

Get cues approved with the right mix. Stay quiet under dialog and bring it up when the moment asks for it.

Put your director to work

invite team members so they can explore music options and quickly edit pieces to picture. Talk about music by using examples rather than words.

We’ve built a castle in the cloud

Your music is protected on our own server infrastructure, built with the latest and highest standards of security.

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    Cut your revision rounds in half

    with freque, you can quickly send multiple options for music, sound, or even B-roll footage in one single review link, all with the same picture.

    Let your team contribute

    invited members can add assets to make suggestions for music cues, sound-effects, or B-roll footage.

    Playable Comments

    No more typing long timecode read-outs. Simply click ‘play’ inside a comment to see and hear the spot where the comment was written.

    We’ve built a castle in the cloud

    Your assets are protected on our own server infrastructure, built with the latest and highest standards of security.

An industry first

How freque is different

Each department gets their lane

In freque, departments can share work and receive feedback in their lanes, assembling what will become the prototype of the film.

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How freque can help you

One inbox for everything

All cues and all comments, the complete history, all in one browser window.

Perfect placement

Select a moment in the music and sync it to a specific frame in the film with just a few clicks.

Stay in sync

Communicate directly within the film with sound- and music supervision departments.

Share assets

Other audio departments can nab the latest version directly from freque and keep working with them.

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How freque can help you

    Everything in one place

    with all comments, assets, and their versions in one place, freque becomes the single point of truth.

    Inspiration squared

    For the first time, departments can interact with all work in progress to generate new ideas and directions.

    Asset sharing

    Anyone in your team can download the latest edit from freque.

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Share here, there and everywhere.

Get quicker feedback

do more of what you love

level up your game by spending your time on the quality of your work. When it comes time to share, use freque to help you present your work in the best light.

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upload a film, drag music into the workspace and instantly see how it works with picture

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show your team members the songs you like with picture. no need for an editor.


Show your team members the songs you like with picture. No need for an editor. Everyone you invite can leave comments to give feedback or try out song options themselves.


Easily slide music under picture to see how it works in different spots. Ride the volume for a perfect presentation, then share it with your team.

Milena Fessmann

freque is a wonderful and really helpful tool which makes my work much easier and helps to involve the team in the creative process.

Music Supervisor. Credits include “All Quiet on the Western Front” (Edward Berger), “Perfect Days” (Wim Wenders), “Club Zero” (Jessica Hausner) and “Paradise” (Boris Kunz) for Netflix.

photo credit: ©Jeroen Willems

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Advanced editing capabilities

Welcome to the Revolution.

We trust in Artists and not in AI! That’s why we are excited to be launching the platform as a free public beta until its real launch in September.

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