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freque is the creative collaboration platform of the future: one place to upload films, music, dialog, and sound for preview, commenting, and approval.
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photo credit: ©Jeroen Willems

freque is a wonderful and really helpful tool which makes my work much easier and helps to involve the team in the creative process.

Milena Fessmann

Music Supervisor. Credits include "All Quiet on the Western Front" (Edward Berger), "Perfect Days" (Wim Wenders), "Club Zero" (Jessica Hausner) and "Paradise" (Boris Kunz) for Netflix.

music playlists with video.

fast music preview

upload a film, drag music into the workspace and instantly see how it works with picture.

share your vision

show your team members the songs you like with picture. no need for an editor.

comments from the whole team

everyone you invite can leave comments to give feedback and make quick decisions.

sell your ideas

easily slide music under picture to see how it works in different places. then share it with your team.

hit play.

start listening to your song ideas with picture today

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Michael, a film director and editor, wears a black sweater and smilies into the camera

I love not having to export a different film every time I need to talk about music.

Michael Mazur
Film Director
portrait of Daniel Offermann – a power user of freque - is sitting at a desk looking into the camera

freque is a massive time saver and workflow enhancer. It’s so intuitive and simple to use.

Daniel Offermann
headshot of Karen Arikian, smiling into the camera

a new world solution for filmmakers which addresses a major problem in our industry. During the Berlinale, the EFM took note!

Karen Arikian
Co-Director of the European Film Market

everything you need. in one place.

create playlists

workflow improvement

drag and drop as many pieces of music as you want to listen and find the right vibe.

preview with video

real time listening

upload your film and listen to songs with video.

edit music

smooth handling

slide music under picture to see how it works in different places.

talk with your team

easy collaboration
screenshot of the freque GUI

have a team discussion with film and music all in the same place.

listen in color.

unless your movie is in black and white

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screenshot of the GUI of freque

we know the struggle.

portrait of Justin Michael La Vallee, co-founder of freque, with a leather jacket

Justin Michael La Vallee – Managing Director

Justin has spent most of his life working as a composer and sound designer in film and TV. He also spent two years mentoring children in Greenland, developing music therapy programs and composing music for their youth orchestra.

Portrait of Tobias Wagner, co-founder of freque, facing away from the camera and holding a pencil, is smiling with his eyes closed.

Tobias Wagner – Managing Director

Tobias is an award-winning composer and music producer. He is a member of the German Film Academy and has scored critically acclaimed feature films and TV shows.

close-up of Paolo Galli, co-founder of freque, looking straight into the camera

Paolo Galli – Tech

Paolo was raised on laptops and synthesizers, taught himself coding at age 11 and is currently rebuilding the internet to make our lives more creative.

Stephan Baumann, co-founder of freque, wearing a shirt and looking at the camera

Stephan Baumann – AI

Stephan is one of Germany’s leading AI researchers. He’s also a DJ and is passionate about modular synthesis. When he’s not re-imagining Artificial Intelligence, you can find him in a German club with headphones on.

portrait of Greg King

freque has significantly improved our client approval process. Gone are the days of sending multiple QuickTime videos with multiple version dates and scattered notes.

Gregory King

Re-recording Mixer and Sound Designer. Credits include: The Founder, Hancock, Friday Night Lights and The Insider.

frequently asked questions.

If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at to learn more.

how much time do I save?

waiting for an editor to send you music to picture can take days. Seeing immediately how your songs work with a scene can save you several weeks on a film project, allowing you to take on more projects or take more time off.

how many songs or videos can I upload?

we offer 1 TB of storage/account. How you want to use it is up to you.

what am I doing for the planet?

fewer video uploads result in a reduced carbon footprint for the film, advertising and content creation industries. Let’s give mother earth a hand.

will freque make me happier?

yes! Getting rid of stress makes us happier. Seeing our work to picture ahead of time makes us feel more confident and creative.

music playlists with video is just a few clicks away

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