music collaboration
for filmmakers

listen to music options with video, talk with your team, and license music. All in one browser window.

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listen, look and license

All in one place. With your whole team.

play any piece of music with your film

Upload your movie, drag and drop tracks and play them against your film to check out the vibe.

collaborate with your team

Invite your team to a project, then play the music with your film and talk together about what you like.

music suggestions from the best catalogs

As you listen to music, we suggest similar tracks that you can license.

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is for

music supervisors

create a playlist and talk about music with the director. Then license it inside the platform.


drop in your score and get feedback from the production team.


manage feedback and decisions about score and source music.


keep track of budgeting for all the music in your film.

production companies

oversee music decisions and licensing across all of your productions.

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What Customers Say

"Really? It’s 2021, and freque is the only place on the internet where I can listen to different music options with my film? A no-brainer long overdue."

Rufus Wilbur, film producer

"freque has changed the way I communicate with my team about music. Whereas before you had to refer to a file, a version, and a timecode, you can just write it straight onto the track."

Tiago Mendez, director

"Talking about music is not easy. freque makes deciding on a track a breeze. My team loves it."

Simone Bender, creative

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When to plan for music


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